After Hours AM with guest Brandon Callahan

Posted by Joel Sturgis on Saturday, 16 of August , 2014 at 1:18 am

 Brandon is the author of “The House Where Evil Lurks: A Paranormal Investigator’s Most Frightening Encounter
“This is not a Hollywood tale; it is a true account of the most malevolent home that Brandon Callahan and his team have ever investigated. A former funeral parlor, the demon-infested property had a dungeon and a sinister past that included murder, suicide, and vile rituals.
When Brandon Callahan answered the homeowner’s plea for help, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. A monstrously tall entity in a dark-hooded cloak moves through the embattled home it considers his domain. An expressionless phantom follows one of the investigators home. Innocent bystanders and paranormal investigators alike are plagued by physical attacks and bleed-through phenomena: inhuman laughter, bloody scratches, disembodied shrieks and growls, horrific nightmares, and escalating threats. The House Where Evil Lurks is Brandon Callahan’s terrifying true story.” 

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Comment by Michael NORRIS

Made Sunday, 17 of August , 2014 at 7:41 am

I love the shows it is not your dad and mom’s radio. I have hade so meny thing’s happen to me. I was the first one at my grandmother house to see A ghost that my grandmother New when she hade been driven crazy her and her husband worked at A college. In VA. But her aunt lived next to my grandmother’s house. The lady’s name was Jane Heart. She came to spend the summer with her aunt so she was there about one month . And I hade to be the one to first see her. Ghost.thanks for reading this YOUR friend Michael Norris

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